Oh! The Selection!

It’s no secret that we love candy.

Whether it’s the nostalgic-filled candy of the past, tried and true favorites, or new stuff, we love it! Even more so, we love to introduce people to their next favorite candy.

We Love Nostalgic Candy!

Root beer barrels. Horehounds. Caramels. Oh, the candy from simpler times takes us back. We have candy that you just won’t find anywhere else.

We Love Chocolate!

Milk, Dark, White, mixed with peanut butter, smothered in caramel, or wrapped in foil… we love all forms of chocolate. 

We Love Truffles!

There’s something awesome about truffles. Sophisticated yet simple at the same time, they challenge us to try new things… dipped in chocolate.

We Love to Mix and Match!

With over 15 varieties of mix and match candy, you can make a blend that will knock your socks off!

Penny Candy

Everyone loves penny candy. They remember the days when they could go into a store and by a handful of candy for a few pennies.

While our penny candy doesn’t cost a penny, you can still get a handful of candy for a little bit of money. And we even have the little paper bags.

Get Candy Sent to You!

We’ve packaged some of our favorites into amazing gift packs and kits. We’d love to send one to you!

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