Curb Side Pick up

You might not get to come inside the Peppermint Stick but you can still enjoy your favorite throw back candies via curb side pick up!

We are here everyday and available to fulfill your online and curb side orders. To purchase curbside you can call, email or Facebook message us your order. Please include your email and what you would like to pick up. We will send you a PayPal invoice for you to pay online and schedule a pick up time.

If you would like a picture tour of our available vintage candy please see below!

Candy Sticks $.25 each – Peaches & Cream, Chocolate, Pineapple, Smores, Blackberry, Rootbeer, Lemon, Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Banana, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Passion fruit, Clove, Butter Rum, Licorice and Chocomint
Reeds hard candies- $1.25
Peanut chews, Dots, Spree, Double Bubble, Razzles, Shopkins candy roll M&M minis, Ludens- $1.50
Zombie Goo Bar – $2.75
Babe Ruth Licorice, Red or Black $5.00
Big League chew $2.00
Bubble Gum Cigs $1.00
Candy Cigs 2 for $1.00
chocolate Cigs $1.50
Bubblegum cigars 2 for $1.00
Candy Pipes $.80
Mega Lollies- $.75 Cow Tails $.50, Touch Down Football jawbreakers $1.75, Atomz $1.75, Toxic Waste $1.75, Smog balls $2.00, Nerds $1.50 Garfield punchers $1.75, Emoji Pops $1.50, Dinosaur candy spray $2.00, Dino gummy pack $1.00, Dino Pooper $1.75, Candy cars $1.75, Gold mine gum $2.00
All candy bars are $1.50.
Zots are $.50 a strip
Jolly rancher mint pack $1.25 Life savers $1.00, Bazooka $1.50, Bubble yum $1.99, Hubba Bubba $1.00, Fruit Stripe Gum $1.75, Altoids $3.00, Choward’s Guava, lemon, violet, spearmint & violet gum $1.00. Black Jack, Beeman and Clove gum $.80, Tootsie Rolls $1.50, Jolly rancher gum $1.99, Air Head cherry gum $1.99, Juicy Fruit $1.00, Mentos $1.50, Tootsie rolls med $.50, Altoids Cinnamon $3.00, Honees $1.40, Charms $1.25, Good N Plenty $1.50, Sweet Tarts, Bottlecaps $1.50, Giant Pixi Sticks $.50, Sour flush $1.75, Whistle Candy $2.50, Candy Buttons $1.50

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